How Much Delivery Is Too Much Delivery?

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Once it gets to be the dead of winter, it becomes harder and harder to motivate yourself to do just about anything–and that includes grocery shopping, or even going around the corner to your neighborhood haunt for a meal.

There comes a point where the only thing you can bring yourself to do, is order delivery. But the question remains; how much deliver is too much delivery?

In the nicer months, I try to limit myself to ordering food once a week, but that rule simply doesn’t fly when the temperature drops below freezing. I find myself holing up and trolling Seamless three times a week.

I even entered a dark phase last winter where I was ordering grapes, cantaloupe, and juice for my breakfast the next morning. Bleak.

I feel like all this delivery is starting to reach a fever pitch. Not only have I exhausted all of the spots in my neighborhood which provide decent delivery, I’ve also seemingly stopped using plates and silverware altogether; plastic forks and wooden chopsticks populate my trashcan. It’s getting out of hand.

So, I’ve decided, come the end of February, I’m cutting myself off! I’m returning to the simpler days, when I had to prepare my own food (or at least venture out of the apartment long enough for a proper meal).

Are you with me?