Foods For Chinese New Year

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Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year, (this time around we’re welcoming in the year of the Monkey) which means colorful dragon puppets, music in the streets, and parades with dancing and music abound.

It also means a hell-of-a-lot of good food. Many of the dishes consumed during these holidays are not only downright delicious, they also hold symbolic meaning.

Apparently the word for “Fish” in Chinese is very similar to the word for “Surplus.” It is seen as auspicious to have a surplus at the year’s end, and for this reason fish is eaten aplenty.

Longevity Noodles:
These noodles are, you guessed it, very very long. Usually, noodles are pulled and then cut to a manageable size for consumption. These ones are not cut down to size, and their length is said to enhance the life of he who eats them.

Of course, Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete without what is, in my humble opinion, the mother of all foods–the dumpling. Evidently, the more dumplings one eats on Chinese New Year, the more income you’ll acquire in the coming year.

Spring Rolls
These fried little niblets of heaven are just a treasure in taste, their golden color also represents the acquisition of gold in the New Year. I’ll take 14 Karats please!

I know I’ll be in NYC’s Chinatown chowing down on all these treats, and I suggest you find a way to do the same!


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