Embracing Your Post Holiday Pudge

If you didn’t put on a few pounds over the Holidays, you’re not doing it right. I could write a piece outlining all of the healthy, fat-burning foods you can munch on to cut down on those inches. I could give you a slew of recipes that cut out butter and bread, and everything sacred in this world. Or, I could provide you with this helpful guide on how to lean into excess, how to truly embrace your post holiday pudge.

All Sweatpants, All The Time:
Stretch clothing is ideal not just for allowing the kind of expansion you’ll need after any given meal, but also for promoting the type of lifestyle you’ll want to embody for the next few months. Put your tight, party jeans in the back of the closet for now.

Drink More Wine:
Some major players in the wine industry have vowed to start listing calorie counts on their products. Why? Because, as you may know, alcohol is packed full of secret gut-growing units. So, by all means, drink more of it.

Night Food:
Friends of mine know that since I started living in a studio apartment, I’ve developed a nasty habit of waking up in the middle of the night and absent-mindedly eating. I attribute this to the strange reality that I can see my refrigerator from my bed. To facilitate your very own night snacks, try sleeping on the floor of your kitchen (after you finish a whole bottle of that oh-so-essential wine.)

Exercise, Schmexercise:
It’s too cold to run outside. The gym is depressing. The kitchen is warm. Pizza is also warm. Spin Class is hard. Cooking is fun! Yoga helps center your mind and spirit, but so does ice cream.

Featured photo by Leslie Greeen.