Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

On Thanksgiving, it seems like everybody insists on hanging around the kitchen, clogging up the head chef’s oven access, and offering to “help.” It’s a constant struggle in my home to shoo away superfluous hands, so that the serious cooks can get down to business. Sometimes, that just ain’t easy, and you have to bite the bullet and relinquish just the tiniest bit of control.

Here are a few low-risk, menial tasks that you can delegate to less trustworthy kitchen-dwellers, without worrying that the meal, and consequently the earth, will crumble into utter disarray.

Peeling apples:
Apple pie is a must have on Thanksgiving. Peeling these buggers can be a time-consuming job, but there’s pretty much no way to mess it up. Pass this one off, but make sure you’re the one to put the seasonings in.

Making salad:
So, it’s definitely not the most popular food on the table, but having a fresh tasty salad is an important way to round out the meal. (As long as your veggies are flavorful to begin with.) Plus your ego won’t get bruised if people avoid a dish that you didn’t make.

Grating cheese:
At my house we do “Smashed potatoes” rather than mashed, which means we leave the skin on and the final product not totally whipped and smooth, but instead partially chunky. Yum. We also like to add a hearty amount of Vintage Choice Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar cheese for good measure. Let your younger cousin grate the cheese; worst case scenario they lose a finger tip, and then run off crying to their mommy, and that way they’re out of your way for good.

Whipping cream:
For pie, homemade whipped cream is the way to go. All you need is a hand mixer, some heavy whipping cream, and a splash of maple syrup. Just keep an eye out to make sure your amateur sous chef doesn’t over-whip and turn firm-peaks into sweet churned butter.

Featured photo courtesy of Global Panorama.