Drink More Wine!

Sometimes your body needs a break from all that alcohol. That’s when you drink wine, babies! Sweet, sweet wine. Because we all know that doesn’t really count, right? Don’t be intimidated when it comes to trying something new; you don’t need a sommelier to explain what your wine should taste like, you simply need to trust your own palate. For the wine novice out there, here is a guide to get you started.

If you like fruity: try a Sancerre. Wine from the Sancerre region in France has grown exponentially popular in recent years. The most typical wine from this district is white and acidic, with fruity notes of gooseberry or passionfruit.

If you like spicy: try a red Zinfandel. This bold, rich wine tends to be full of tannins and quite alcoholic. Its strong flavors also tend to hit upon some spicier notes. A great accompaniment to chocolate or steak.

If you like light and dry: try a Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir often has floral or fruity hints, but it isn’t sweet or overpowering. The mildness of this variety lends for extremely easy drinking, so keep an eye on your pours because it just might sneak up on you!