Oreo Comeback

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Is it just me, or are Oreos in the midst of a major comeback?

It seems like everywhere I look, there’s a headline about these sweet little discs of heaven. Whether it be the Swedish Fish Oreo which shocked the nation, Oreo hacks which transform the dessert, or Dunkin’ Donuts new Oreo Hot Chocolate, one thing is for sure: this cookie is experiencing a comeback.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Oreos. They remind me of simpler times. Back when I was a kid, my parents were pretty big sticklers about eating healthy food. We mostly shopped at the local coop, and I never really got fed fast food or sugary cereals, like most of my friends.

However, for some reason, they had some strange and inexplicable exceptions to this way of life. One of them being their periodic purchases of bulk boxes of Oreos from Costco.

So, nearly every day after I returned home from soccer or basketball practice (depending on the season) I’d grab a full sleeve of Oreo cookies, a glass of milk, and go upstairs to watch the one hour of TV that I was allotted on school nights.

To this day, tasting an Oreo brings me right back to that moment in time–watching Room Raiders or Parental Control on MTV.

I’m not quite sure why they’ve had such a triumphant resurgence as of late, but I’ll stand behind Oreos until my dying day.

Dunk on, folks.