Thirsty Thursday Tequila Taste

By Dane Feldman

Photo by Dane Feldman.

In the spirit of Thirsty Thursday, several BTR staff members and I did some experimenting with tequila on a whim. A couple of us wandered to three of our local liquor stores in search of a variety of nips and finally found a package deal: Avion tequila makes a box set of their Anejo, Reposado, and Silver lines.

So, we also bought some margarita mix. Of course, if we had thoroughly planned out our tequila taste test, we would have made our margaritas with fresh lime juice. We didn’t, so bare with me here. In any case, Mr. and Mrs. T’s margarita mix worked just fine for the purposes of our experiment.

Among the five of us who tasted the three different margaritas, we came a unanimous conclusion that the silver tequila is quite mild and refreshing. While experimenting with it, we suggest mixing silver with lighter liquids and flavors like cucumber and lime. Silver works great in cocktails, but the flavor mostly gets lost in a margarita and can hardly be detected.

The anejo is closest to a gold tequila and works well in a margarita. It has a bit of an oaky taste, which makes it still potent, but not overpowering when combined with margarita mix. As I mentioned earlier, fresh lime juice is the best option, although margarita mix suffices particularly well with the anejo tequila.

I personally enjoyed the reposado most out of the three. It has a kick like the anejo, but works well alone. For anyone who enjoys sipping tequila, this is likely your best bet.

Readers, what are your favorite kinds of tequila? Have you tried Avion before?