You're Not A New Yorker Unless...

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There’s a lot that goes into becoming a bona-fide New Yorker: walking fast, wearing tons of black, refusing to wait more than ten minutes than just about anything.

But there’s one thing that stands above all the rest; one factor which divides the posers from the true-at-heart. You’re not a real New Yorker unless you eat pizza at least once a week.

It seems like a cliche, the “New York slice,” but it’s honestly just a reality of daily life here. Just about wherever you are in the city, you’re going to find a decent pizza joint with a hot, cheesy slice waiting for you.

And if you’re an authentic New Yorker, it’s all about convenience. You’re on the run, in a hurry, starving all the time from the bevy of activities you divide yourself between. And there’s still just one thing you can get to fill up your tummy for under $5.00 and eat on the way to the Subway.

I’m not the first to say it, and I certainly won’t be the last. I’ve lived in NYC for just under three years, and my badge of honor didn’t come until fairly recently, when I realized that my schedule was such that–like clockwork–I was opting for pizza one night a week.

I’ve never been more proud.

You, too, can be one of us! It’s not that hard! And it tastes damn good.