Healthy Memorial Day Eats

By Dane Feldman

Image by HeatSync Labs.

If any of you are at all like me, long BBQ-filled weekends like Memorial Day Weekend always knocks me off the healthy wagon. Of course, it isn’t easy to eat healthily when attending barbecues filled with beer, pie, steak, and various cheese dips, but I do have some suggestions that may aide you in curbing your cravings.

When you know you’re going to a barbecue in the afternoon, one of the smartest things you can do is to eat extra well beforehand. If the party starts at, 4p.m., be sure to have at least two meals before you go. Wake up, do your morning routine, whatever that may be, but eat a hearty, protein-filled breakfast. I’d pick things like egg white omelettes with avocado and tomatoes and maybe a side of wheatberry or whole wheat bread. Oatmeal is a great breakfast too. Add some mild-flavored protein powder and bananas to your oatmeal and you’re good to go.

As for lunch, I would absolutely steer clear of bready carbohydrates, especially if you ate bread at breakfast. Although bread is filling (and ridiculously delicious), it’s mostly not that great for your body and you’ll likely consume a lot of carbs at the BBQ anyway. I’d also stay away from cheeses. At least in my experience, the chips and the cheese are the hardest things to moderate at parties, so if I’m careful the rest of the day I can let myself go a little.

With that said, don’t let yourself go too crazy! Tomorrow is only day one of the three-day weekend. I’ll be attending at least two BBQs this weekend, so I intend to play it safe. Even just having a little taste of everything all weekend will likely leave me feeling pretty bloated and annoyed with myself come Monday, so be sure to focus on moderation this weekend.

If you’re as neurotic as I am, just try to remember that it is just one weekend. If you work hard to keep your body healthy and to stay in shape, a couple of barbecues absolutely will not ruin your hard work. Just be sure to stay hydrated and consider drinking lighter-fare alcohol like vodka or gin this weekend. In my opinion, they’re just as refreshing with a less potent carb factor.

Have a great weekend and BBQ it up! I’d love to hear all about your MDW plans, so feel free to leave some notes in the comment section. Happy Memorial Day!