Get Back on Track Post-MDW BBQs


By Dane Feldman
Photo courtesy of Jill Siegrist.

Memorial Day is here! Which means the weekend is almost over and, whether or not you closely followed the advice I gave Friday, it’s time to gear up and get back on track for the short week that lies ahead.

The best advice I can offer is to bring lunch to work/ eat at home over the course of the next few days. Eating at barbecues this past weekend is calorically equivalent to dining out, and worse when taking into account how much sodium and alcohol is consumed at the average BBQ.

However, we need to be skeptical of our leftovers. I absolutely love macaroni salad, but I’m suggesting that you ditch it instead of packing it into your fridge. Actually, I highly recommend that you exercise the utmost willpower in general when approaching macaroni salad. It’s delicious, but the sodium levels are through the roof. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about classic macaroni salad. Coleslaw isn’t the greatest either– so much mayo!

Instead, be sure to eat the leftover grilled chicken as well as the veggie burgers and turkey burgers. Get the salad and the fruit salad and the grilled vegetables out of your fridge first and into your belly, as they will spoil faster than any of the other leftovers. Steer clear of the hamburger buns and the rest of the potato chips. It hardly matters if that stuff goes stale. You’re better off without it.

When it comes to the obscene amounts of sodium you likely consumed this weekend, be absolutely sure to drink as much water over the course of the next few days as possible. I love coffee and I love diet colas, but they’re diuretics and won’t help you rid yourself of that water weight you retained from bloating. Flush it out with the good stuff.

Now that summer has begun, MDW won’t be the last of your BBQ-filled weekends. Following this advice will aide you in staying healthy this summer.