Farmer's Market Produce Finds


By Dane Feldman
Photo by Dane Feldman.

Today is already Monday, which means the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to fueling our bodies with clean energy. Thankfully, it is also farmer’s market season and, while we do grow a lot of our own vegetables and herbs at home, we don’t have the space to be completely self-sufficient. Luckily, my local area of northern New Jersey hosts a bunch of great farmer’s markets supporting Jersey-wide farms.

I’ve stressed a bit before about how sustainable it is to eat clean and fresh vegetables, so I’ll just say as a reminder that supporting our local farmer’s markets is just another environmentally sustainable way to put good into our bodies.

The Summit, NJ market I went to last weekend had tons of fresh fruits and vegetables that have an unfortunately short season in our area, like kale, arugula, baby lettuces, escarole, spring onions, garlic chives, new potatoes, beets, baby turnips, and rhubarb. Unfortunately, we arrived a bit too late in the morning and missed out on all the rhubarb (people go crazy for that stuff!), but we were able to pick up Swiss chard, shelling peas, strawberries, and asparagus.

So far, we’ve used the shelling peas raw in salad as well as cooked in a delicious scallop dish (recipe to come soon). The strawberries were used in Saturday’s sorbet recipe, although any fresh strawberries would do just fine, and we grilled the asparagus as a side with swordfish.

Because so many of the fruits and vegetables have such short seasons, I’ll be posting regularly about the various produce I find at my local markets.

Have you been to any farmer’s markets yet this season? If so, what have you bought?