In-N-Out Burger Coma

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A few weeks ago, I visited Southern California. And, as one must do when they visit California, I visited In-N-Out Burger.

A child of the east coast, I’ve only been to California a handful of times. During those brief tours of the Golden State, I’ve eaten In-N-Out Burger but once or twice. The exact number of times I’ve visited the cult fast-food chain I cannot remember, which brings me to the essential paradox which drives this post. In-N-Out Burger is either so good that I’ve all but blacked-out and entered a full on food coma during my consumption of it, or it’s so unremarkable that–despite the hype that surrounds it–I’ve managed to erase it from my memory altogether.

There is evidence on each side of the coin!

On one hand, In-N-Out is notoriously delicious. People all over freak the fuck out over this simple chain! It’s famously consistent, un-greasy, and packed full of flavor.

On the other hand, try as I might, I simply can’t quite remember what this burger actually tastes like. My most recent visit to In-N-Out came directly after a long day soaking up the sun on the beach; I was absolutely exhausted, drained to my core, and starving! So, when the food came, I scarfed it down so quickly and so completely that, try as I might, I can’t bring the taste of it to mind.

All I can recall is the moment directly following my last bite–when I sat there content and full (but not too full), and blissfully smiled.

Given the amount of trusted compatriots who swear by In-N-Out Burger, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, and vouch for the team that claims it’s the best fast-food in all the land.

After all, if you eat it and disagree, you probably won’t remember anyhow.