Pasta Doesn't Make You Fat

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Finally, there is science to back up what I’ve always known to be true in my heart: pasta is good for you! You heard me–pasta, so often touted as the enemy, may in fact be a key component in a diet that keeps you thin.

Stay with me…

As with most areas of culture, nutrition experiences trends. Some stick, some don’t. One of these fads, the afterlife of which has been immense, is carb-shaming. Picking on bread and pasta, calling them bad names, and insisting that if one wants to stay thin, avoid them at all costs.

From the beginning, I called bullshit. As a lover of all things carby, I’ve just never been willing to accept the claim that these perfect creations of the food world are not for daily consumption.

Now, research looking at 23,366 men and women in Italy, spanning the ages of 18 to 96, has shown that regular pasta consumption is actually linked to lower body mass index (BMI) and smaller waists! For Quartz, Annalisa Merelli writes that “so long as [participants] weren’t exceeding the recommended nutritional intake based on their overall caloric needs, the more pasta people consumed, the less obese they were.”

Why? Basically because this food group was associated with consuming other essential foods in the famously healthy Mediterranean diet: tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, cheese, and fresh herbs. Yum.

So visit your favorite Italian joint and stuff your face. It’s time to stop fearing pasta, and time to start enjoying your life.