Get Excited: Chorizo At Chipotle

For all you Chipotle fans out there–of which I know there are many–get excited. Because your favorite casual Mexican chain is adding a classic Mexican staple to its ranks.

Crumbly, spicy, juicy, and flavorful–it’s chorizo, babies. Let the mouth-watering ensue.

If you haven’t had chorizo, allow me to explain: it is a chicken and pork sausage blend, mixed up with a whole lot of spices. Think paprika, pepper, chili powder, coriander, cumin, and cloves. Delicious.

Chipotle, which is well-known for its consistency and its small-but-established set menu, will be making the addition of Chorizo to it’s choices at select locations. Hopefully, the limited distribution is a soft introduction, after which each and every storefront will follow suit.

Is this just Chipotle reading our minds and providing something magical to please us, or is it a concerted effort to win back the affection of the masses after a public and prolonged food-borne illness scandal?


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