Red, White, and Blue Foods

Is America a deeply flawed nation with a whole lot of ugly history? Sure it is! But that doesn’t stop Independence Day from being one of the best damn days of the whole year. The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday full of fireworks, booze, and good old BBQ.

Wondering how you can be patriotic and stuff your face at the same time? Follow this guide for the essential red, white, and blue foods you should be cooking and eating this Fourth Of July.

Red meat: This one is a no-brainer; grab some quality steak to throw on the grill, and make sure the end result is bloody as can be. That’s what our forefathers would’ve wanted.

White pizza: What’s more American than pizza? Oh, wait, that’s Italian. Regardless, it’s delicious. One of the best ways to cook a pizza is actually on the grill! Try this recipe for Quattro Formaggi–all cheese, no problem.

Blueberry cobbler: It’s that time of year when blueberries are truly reaching their peak. Besides eating them straight off the bush, a simple blueberry cobbler is the best way to enjoy this lovely breed of nature’s candy.