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I am all about cured meat. That salty, yummy, fatty goodness populates my sandwiches, my charcuterie, and my dreams.

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste some absolutely superlative meats, courtesy of Fra’ Mani Handcrafted Foods.

Fra’ Mani, founded by accomplished chef Paul Bertolli, is a responsibly sourced, chef driven company that makes damn-good cured meat with age-old practices.

Sales representative Jonathan Musti says, “We’re all about doing old world type of techniques here. All the animals are raised without hormones on one hundred percent vegetarian diets.”

Furthermore, they nix the use of unnatural preservatives with potentially harmful effects. Musti explains, “We don’t use any added sodium nitrate. Instead we get all of our nitrates from celery juice and celery salt. So the curing is more of a natural process.” He goes on, “It’s kind of how they began to cure meat a couple hundred years ago, and we’re trying to bring back those traditions.”

The result is delicious, healthy-ish meats served up with a whole lot of pride. If you’re searching for a responsibly produced, 100 percent domestic treat, look no further!