Crab Cakes

Don’t be intimidated by restaurant-like meals! You can definitely replicate them within the comfort of your own kitchen. Try these tasty and easy crab cakes!

What You’ll Need:
One lb. lump crab meat
Panko bread crumbs
Three eggs
Fresh parsley
Red pepper flakes
Olive Oil
On lemon

Get a large bowl. Empty crab meat into bowl.
Crack eggs into crab meat and mix.
Add three tablespoons bread crumbs (or more, if mixture does not bind together properly)
Add a generous portion of salt and fresh ground pepper.
Add one tablespoon room temperature butter.
Rough chop approximately a quarter cup of parsley, and add to bowl.
Sprinkle one tablespoon of red pepper flakes.
Mix ingredients together, then form into cakes by patting together with your hand.
Add olive oil to a pan, and heat on medium high.
Place crab-cakes in pan and cook until golden brown. Flip, and repeat.
Remove from heat, and enjoy with sliced lemon!