Food For Thought

Food For Thought is a family-run company that consists of James Young, his wife Diana, as well as James’ brother and sister. Their mission, as stated on the company’s website, is “To create and raise awareness around just and sustainable food.”

Oh, yeah, and they cook up damn-good-canned-goods while they’re at it!

At a recent food event in NYC, I had the chance to get some face-to-face time with the passionate owners behind this down-home brand. Over salsa, jam, and jellies, we talked about their process of creating local food with family–and sharing that spirit with their customers through the thoughtful products they make.

“It’ all organic and locally crafted,” Young told me, as I scarfed down a cracker topped with their scrumptious Blueberry Lavender preserves. He went on, “We grow the lavender flowers on our organic farm in Northern Michigan. Same with the basil in our Strawberry-Basil preserves.”

The classic-with-a-twist products include things like Peach Salsa, Wild Leek Relish, and Cherry Honey Mustard. For Young and his cohorts, it’s all about crafting healthy yet tasty renditions of sauces and condiments that transport people back to their roots.

He says, proudly, “We try to keep the right balance in the food.”

If you’re looking for a tasty, preservative-free condiment that’s filled with love, look no further. Browse their mouthwatering options online, or check out their blog, which features musings on cooking, sustainable agriculture, green living, and a few thoughts on the politics and policy which bring these issues to the forefront of our consciousness.