Summer Fancy Food Show

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Earlier this week, I had the privilege of attending the Summer Fancy Food Show held in the expansive Jacob K. Javits Center. It was a veritable mecca of delicious morsels; teeming with food lovers, distributors, and passionate artisans galore.

The show, North America’s largest Food and Beverage Event, featured 2,670 vendors with 180,000 products from approximately 50 countries. Wow. This promised to be a dream.

I was slightly delirious by the time I arrived. I’d opted out of eating breakfast that morning, for the sake of saving room for all of the delicious treats which awaited me. This was a sound decision, though it did make the process of picking up my press pass all the more terrifying.

I entered the humongous convention center and immediately felt overwhelmed. I asked for directions and, after wandering aimlessly for a while, I finally found my way to the press office. Phew, first step completed.

When I entered the hall, the first thing that caught my eye was cheese. Piles and piles of cheese. Where else should one begin? I began stuffing my face, without much attention being paid to what was going in my mouth.

After making my way through an aisle of fromage, I realized that there was more to the fair than just dairy. It was divided into sections, corresponding with different parts of the world. One aisle sported intoxicating spices, and fragrant Indian teas.

Another had dumplings, tofu, and other pan-Asian treats.

And then there was the cured meat. Me, oh my, there sure was a lot of cured meats.

I gallivanted around, shoving mouthfuls of paté, spoons of buffalo mozzarella, glasses of wine, and delicate mediterranean treats into my happy mouth. Every hour or so, I’d find myself too full to function, and I’d retreat to a quiet corner and convince myself I was through.

But the Summer Fancy Food Show would always answer my fatigue with a surprise so enticing and delectable that I simply couldn’t refuse. At the end of the day, I was tipsy, stuffed, and had tasted things that I’d never even imagined I would: decadent Wagyu beef, and high-class caviar. Each flavor was perfectly balanced, and oh-so rich.

All and all, the show opened my eyes, my mouth, and my stomach to a world of scrumptiousness.