Starbucks #PurpleDrink

When I was in, let’s say, eighth grade Starbucks became an obsession. Growing up in the boondocks, the closest one was located a full hour from my home, and I was only able to visit about once a month, when my parents took the drive to visit the Costco located nearby.

Caramel Frappucinos became object of my incessant lust–my best friend and I would order them, with extra whipped cream, and get hopped up on sugar and caffeine. I probably could’ve been about three inches taller if I had held off on coffee until my teenage years.

Nowadays, I’d like to think that my tastes have developed quite a bit. I tend to avoid Starbucks, and opt instead for making my own brew, or supporting small businesses in my area (major cliché, I know.)

One cool thing though, is that Starbucks has an ongoing secret–not really so secret–menu. You simply ask your Barista for one of the many undisclosed items, and they oblige. Recently, there’s a secret drink which has been making the rounds, called, simply the Purple Drink.

If you have a general awareness of popular culture over the last decade, you may already know what the namesake of this special drink comes from. A very different type of purple drink, in fact called Purple Drank (also referred to as Sizzurp),was popularized by the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Three Six Mafia, and more. The ingredients are prescription cold medicine, Mountain Dew, and sometimes Jolly Ranchers, for color. It’s quite dangerous, and apparently also a whole lot of fun.

Starbucks’ Purple Drink, on the other hand, consists of some more vanilla flavors. In fact, it uses Vanilla Syrup flavor itself! Along with Passion Fruit Tea, Soy Milk, and Freeze Dried Blackberries.

Sounds like good, clean fun to me. And a nice way to get your fix of sugary, cold, summery drinks.