Bread, Glorious Bread

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Somehow, in the last few years, bread has become the enemy. Everywhere I look there is gluten-free faux bread because there are those who would have you believe that good, old fashioned bread is evil. I, however, refuse to believe the slander. I–like Oprah before me–eat bread every day.

There is one bread in particular that has captured my heart. Around the corner from my apartment, there is a fairly new Eric Kayser bakery. I’ve become obsessed with their Epi Baguette; it’s a pull-apart wonder. Crunchy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside.

The Epi is not only delicious, but it’s downright beautiful. It is shaped to resemble a wheat stock, with protruding pieces on each side. I could eat it for every meal and I’d be happy.

But, my love of bread doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. A nice, hearty Rye? Yes, please. A country loaf? I’ll take it. Toasted Multigrain? Why not!

Those who shun bread, who throw this simple pleasure aside, I’ll happily take your castaways.