Stop Toasting Your Bread

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Since moving to NYC, I haven’t had a toaster. A travesty, I know–what am I supposed to do, eat my bread cold? That’s ludicrous! Luckily, I’ve discovered a kitchen hack that has me cursing the fact that toasters ever existed. Because why toast your bread, when you can fry it?

Alright, alright, I guess it’s not technically frying, more like pan-searing. I promise it’s best thing since sliced bread. Well, really it is sliced bread, just in a different form. But I digress.

First things first. You’ll need a whole lot of fat. Though of course butter is a great choice, lately I’ve been opting for olive oil because I can heat to a desired temperature without browning or burning. You can also use lard, or any other type of oil.

Heat your fat in a nice, seasoned, cast iron skillet. Now take a slice of the bread in question–it’s okay to use something that’s gone a little stale, all that good old fat will perk your starch right back up.

Now place your bread in the pan. Cook on each side until it has a nice, golden brown, hard sear! The end product is crunchy, yet not dry; the perfect piece of toast. You’ll never go back to toasters again!