Pinto Thai

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Across the street from my apartment, there is a Thai restaurant. And thank goodness for that…because I have a nasty Thai habit that must needs be satisfied on a tri-weekly basis.

As the closest possible option for fulfilling my inordinate Thai food quota, Pinto has big shoes to fill. In high school I worked at a Thai restaurant called The Royal Orchid, located twenty minutes from my hometown in Vermont. Though I ate there about four times a week for over a year, it remains my favorite Thai restaurant to date.

Pinto’s proximity to my home gives it one point right off the bat. But what really seals the deal is the incredible attention to detail that the place exercises.

From their Crab Fried Rice (which is served inside of a young coconut, the flesh of which you can scrape out to enjoy alongside) to their Papaya Salad (which is anything but ordinary,) to their Green Curry (which, quite honestly, is the best darn curry I’ve ever had…) Pinto rounds out the count and gets my vote for go-to Thai that’ll leave your tastebuds aching for more.

If you’re looking for me on a random weeknight, you know where to find me–I’ll be stuffing my face at Pinto.