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Kismet is a feeling; like destiny or fate. It’s that moment where somehow, without any real discernable reason, things work out perfectly.

Kismet is also a place. A restaurant located in Montpelier, Vermont. The definition still stands.

Based around locally sourced, fresh, seasonal ingredients that are impeccably prepared –It’s the only place where I can order a grain and vegetable bowl and not feel ashamed or disappointed at the quality and tastes which lie before me.

Each and every aspect of every dish is thoughtfully prepared, and the result is nothing short of pure heaven. Their dishes are simple, classic, It is the epitome of what food should be; and I have yet to find a comparable brunch in big old NYC.

A few years ago, when Hurricane Sandy hit, Kismet’s humble space was flooded, and much of their kitchen equipment and inventory was destroyed. The community was reeling, and it seemed like a neighborhood favorite was doomed to close forever.

Yet, despite the damage which had affected so many, people stood together in support of Kismet–donating money and time to ensure that the eatery be restored to its former glory.

That’s love, that’s food, that’s kismet.