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Paradise exists on earth, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s right here in NYC. That’s right–It’s Eataly.

Located just down the block from the BTRtoday office, it’s a mystery why I do not go to Eataly every single day. Okay, actually it’s not that much of a mystery because it’s pretty expensive, and quite overwhelming in actuality. But what is pleasure without a little pain?

Brainchild of Oscar Farinetti, Eataly is an Italian food mecca. Complete with restaurants, market-places, panini and rotisserie stations. I’d happily wander the aisles for days, losing myself among the fresh pasta, cured meats, and pungent cheeses.

There is a downside though; the pure deliciosity and centrality of the place ensures that, pretty much whenever you enter, there will be hoards of eager customers vying for position and prosciutto.

My fantasy would be to break in after closing, “In The Night Kitchen” style, and dance through the cavernous space all alone, picking grapes off their vine, taking spoonfuls of gelato, and drinking wine straight from the bottle.

However, I suppose I’ll have to settle for the experience of the layman. At least I’ll still get some damn good sandwiches out of the deal.