Never Eating Out Again

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One of my favorite things to do in NYC is grab a meal out at a restaurant with some friends. However, lately (with a few exceptions) I’ve been nothing but underwhelmed when it comes to my over-priced outings at NYC eateries.

That, combined with the fact that my boyfriend has some major cooking skills up his sleeve, and that I am a world-class cook (if I do say so myself) has led me to a decision. I am never eating out again.

The thing is, there are a number of truly noteworthy places to grab a bite in this big old city. It’s one of the things that this famous metropolis is known for! However, for every outstanding restaurant which blows your mind and makes the wallet-hit worth your while, there are five utterly mediocre spots which leave you feeling like you could’ve done better at home, for a whole lot cheaper.

Of course, there are some things that I can’t live without which can’t be replicated at home. Dumplings, for example. So in those rare occasions (meaning my bi-or-tri-weekly trips to Chinatown) the No-Eating-Out rule is moot.