Little Greens, Big Flavor

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Why is it that the little guys always pack the biggest punch? Ant-man, Muggsy Bogues, Tyrion Lannister…they’re all small in stature, yet their presence and impact are larger than life! Turns out, the same goes for itty, bitty, little microgreens.

Technically speaking, microgreens span all sorts of leafy categories. Microgreens are the shoots of leaves, plucked right after they’ve first developed, before they have time to develop into the kale, the Swiss chard, the beetroot that we know so well.

I know, I know, when you see microgreens on a menu or in a grocery store the first thing that comes to mind is hoity-toity fine-dining and extra bourgeoisie amuse-bouches; but honestly, the things are damn tasty when it comes down to it!

They’re more than a garnish, more than an afterthought; microgreens are nature’s angel babies, who float into your mouth and caress your tongue with delicate yet decisive flavors.

Excuse me, microgreens and I are having a moment.