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Now that summer is rolling around, it’s nice to have a go to sauce/side dish on hand; a cooling melodic accompaniment to your hot grilled masterpieces that will be coming off the BBQ! One of my favorite options to cover this base is Raita. There are about a million ways that you can customize yours, but I opt for pretty much the simplest combination you can imagine. This is perfect with lamb, steak, or chicken; especially if they have a little spice that needs to be mellowed!

What You’ll Need:
Plain, full-fat yogurt
Cheese cloth
Salt and pepper

Place a cheesecloth over a large bowl, and secure edges.
Place one cup yogurt on top of cheese cloth and allow to strain until yogurt reaches desirable consistency (this is an optional step, but if you do it your yogurt will get thick and creamy, and the watery parts of the cucumber won’t reduce it to quite as liquid of a form).
Peel and grate two cloves of garlic into a bowl; it is important to grate rather than mince because it will allow the garlic to become small, fluffy, and juicy and mix more thoroughly into the yogurt. Chop one half of an english cucumber into small strips.
Add to bowl, along with garlic and strained yogurt. Add salt and pepper to taste!
Serve, and enjoy!