Eulogy For A Snack

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Growing up the child of hippies, I never really got access to those quintessential lunchbox snacks that populated the mid-day meals of my peers.

I ate my thoughtful, healthy, homemade snacks while looking on at lunchables, dunkaroos, squeezits, and more…

I’m not going to say that I was jealous, but there was certainly a part of me which wondered what these sugary, flavor-packed, little goodies could do for me. Would they provide the whimsical, fun lifestyle that their packaging and marketing promised? I feared I’d never know.

Luckily, I had a friend. A friend whose house I visited every now and again had all of the Nutty Bars, Lil’ Debbie Snacks, and 3D Doritos I could get my hands on. I would raid her pantry, shove my face until I couldn’t look at another mud-pie.

I wonder what happened to all of these snacks, for which I have acute nostalgia despite my limited experience with them.

R.I.P Dunkaroos. Even though I never knew you well, you’re sorely missed.