Lobster Roll At Madison Square Eats

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Another beautiful day, another outing to Madison Square Eats.

For days now, I’ve been fantasizing about a lobster roll. That rich, yummy, shell-fishy, buttery goodness oozing onto the perfect All-American receptacle, the hot-dog bun.

Here’s the thing: Lobster Rolls are damn expensive. Especially the one featured at Redhook Lobster Pound, which sells for a whopping $18.00, pre-tax. Yikes. I told myself I’d resist. I told myself I would opt for something which wouldn’t hurt my pockets quite so acutely.

But, when my coworker informed me that she’d be getting a Lobster Roll, it broke my resolve. I was helpless. There was nothing I could do. The first step is admitting that you had a problem.

There are three styles one can choose from: Maine (chilled lobster with homemade mayo and lemon), Connecticut (warm lobster with butter, lemon, paprika, and scallions), and Tuscan (chilled lobster with basil vinaigrette.)

I always say yes to butter, so I opted for the Connecticut style roll. Every bite was heaven. The decadent lobster was perfectly cooked, and the bread toasted to perfection- -It absorbed the juicy buttery goodness like a champion.

Despite the deliciosity, though, I found myself unsatisfied. This shit was expensive, and at the end of the roll, I was still hungry. And I couldn’t buy another $18.00 roll, I just couldn’t.

What’s a girl to do?