Veggies Ain't So Bad

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Anybody who follows Dish + Drink knows that I have a sordid relationship with vegetarian food. Though I love vegetables through and through (okay, there have been some moments of doubt, but, honestly–I love them). I’ve never been one to embrace a fully plant-based diet.

I even struggle getting through one meal without a little meat to tide me over. Which is the sheer beauty of the brunch served to me this Sunday shocked me. It consisted purely of delightful, vegetable goodness. And it satisfied my every need.

There was a plate of avocado, sprinkled with lime, salt and pepper. There was a bountiful plate of Kale, purple potatoes, and garlic. There was gorgeous, multi-grain toast, smothered in butter.

And finally, there was a fruit salad to end all fruit salads; bursting with plums, mango, apricot, raspberries, blueberries, and more.

I never thought I’d say the words, but I didn’t miss meat. I didn’t miss meat one bit…