Chicken Salad On Toasted Baguette

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This is a great idea if you’ve got some leftover chicken and stale baguette lying around. By adding fresh ingredients, and toasting up a bread that’s seen better days, you inject new life into ingredients which might go otherwise forgotten.

What You’ll Need:
Leftover Chicken drumlet
Plain Yogurt
Whole-grain mustard
Hot pepper jelly
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil
Stale Baguette

For chicken salad: Add a quarter of a cup of plain yogurt to a bowl.
Grate one clove of garlic. Cut a quarter of a cucumber into small chunks.
Chop up a bit of fennel, parsley, and a few almonds.
Remove meat from chicken drumlet and rough chop.
Mix all the ingredients together and add salt and pepper to taste.
Slice a piece of baguette in half. If it is particularly stale, run it under water for just a moment to liven it up.
In a cast iron, heat a generous amount of olive oil on medium-high.
Place in pan and toast until a hard sear appears, flip over and repeat.
Remove from heat and spread hot pepper jelly on one side, and whole-grain mustard on the other. Spread chicken salad on bread, then top with arugula. Enjoy!