Can A Veggie Burger Bleed?

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Question: If food tastes like meat, looks like meat, smells like meat, and bleeds like meat, can it still be vegan? If a piece of meat is grown in a laboratory instead of harvested from a dead animal, is it vegetarian?

These are the musings that adventurous food science is toying with, and it’s precisely the territory that Impossible Foods is treading on with their brand new Impossible Burger; a brand new, completely plant-based patty which seeks to emulate the juicy fatty goodness of a real-life-burger in ways never accomplished before.

The Impossible Burger uses coconut oil, to imitate fat, potato protein which apparently sears like your ground beef, and heme: a food compound made from yeast which lends a realistic red color. David Chang, Michelon star chef and owner of the critically acclaimed MomoFuku Restaurant Group gave the burger his seal of approval, stating that it “had real texture like beef,” and was “more delicious and way better for the planet.”

Personally, I find it a little hard to believe that one could really create a plant-based burger that would satisfy my craving from something grilled and bloody on a hot summer’s day, however, I’ll never say never; nothing is impossible.