Cinco De Mayo

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It happened: somehow the stars aligned, the gods conspired, the forces of the universe all came together to make sure that this year, Cinco De Mayo, falls on the thirstiest of Thursdays.

Cinco De Mayo, or Fifth Of May, celebrates the Mexican army’s defeat of the French army during the battle of puebla in the Franco-Mexican war in 1862.

Now, it is a day wherein which we can all just get super fucking drunk. Hooray!

And what better drink to drink, than good old margaritas? Here are a few ideas for taking your margarita to the next level.

1. Classic. You know it, you love it. No need to mess with it.

2. Tamarind. The bitter-sweet taste of tamarind mixes perfectly with icey, limey goodness.

3. Jalepeno. This is one of my personal favorites. A great way to up the anty on this tasty treat is to infuse your tequila with jalepenos beforehand! Then you can take spicy shots as well.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!