Babies Taste Best

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There’s something oh-so-awe-inspiring and touching about new life gracing our planet. Babies are a gift to the world, and, if you’ve watched Snowpiercer you know that babies taste best.

Alright, let’s back up, I know what you’re thinking–but let’s reflect for a moment, shall we? Lamb, eggs, veal, baby carrots, micro-greens! Tiny zucchini! Young coconut! Fiddleheads! The list goes on! Food just tastes better when it’s young, when it’s brand new. Sorry guys, I only speak the truth. It’s not that I want to rid the world of babies, but the mouth wants what it wants.

The logic follows an ongoing obsession with tiny, cute food. I can’t put my finger on why, exactly, but people just love looking at (and eating) tiny food. Perhaps it has something to do with our brain chemistry, with tricking our minds by switching up portion size, but damn, tiny treats are the way to go.

Now, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that I’m gonna go all cannibal and start eating your children. But, it does mean that I might start experimenting with other young or ostensibly premature foods. My quest for deliciosity knows no bounds.