May Day, May Day!

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It’s time to answer the question that’s been burning at our minds for as long as we’ve been alive–what the hell is May Day? And, more importantly, what am I supposed to eat in observance?

May Day, today, May 1st, is a holiday…apparently. It has a whole lot of different associations attached to it. For some, it’s a fertility holiday, for others a day which celebrates labor rights, for yet more, it is simply a way to ring in the Springtime.

Okay, now we’ve settled that! But how about the second, and more important, question: What should you eat? Here are a few ideas, one to cover each of of the bases that this weird ass day apparently spans.

1. In celebration of the aspect of day which celebrates fertility, how about eating a whole lot of eggs? How about deviled eggs…Why, you ask? Because children are the devil. No, that’s not right. Nonetheless, try this recipe for fancy yet classic deviled eggs.

2. Labor day here in the states doesn’t roll around until the end of September, but the same tenants apply to this faux-labor day. You should cook something laid back and simple, which doesn’t require all that much effort but packs enough flavor to award you some major enjoyment. Break out the grill folks, with global warming well in effect it’s not too early for burgers.

3. And, in honor of Spring, how about some baby microgreens to top everything off. Perhaps this won’t be the most exciting part of your meal, but these little buggers will add some brightness to your day and your mouth!