Fancy Lump Crab Omelette

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Sometimes, you just want a breakfast that’s so over-the-top decadent that it puts you right back to sleep. Ladies and gentleman, here’s your dish. This lump crab omelette oozes class. It also oozes cheesy buttery goodness. Follow these steps for the most delicious omelette you’ve ever had. And hey, if you screw up the flip, just turn it into a scramble! Nobody will notice, promise!

What You’ll Need:
Six eggs
Red Pepper Flakes
One can lumb crab meat
Salt and Pepper
Parmesan cheese

Crack six eggs into a bowl. Whip them, add salt, pepper, paprika, and half a cup of milk.
In a large pan, heat butter. Chop one leek, and two cloves of garlic and add to pan. Cook until translucent.
Add crabmeat and red pepper flakes. Cook until crab is warm and remove from pan.
Add more butter, coating the entire bottom of the pan, then add egg mixture. Cook for a couple of minutes, until edges of the egg start to appear cooked.
Add crab to one half of the circle, continue to cook, then grate parmesan cheese on top.
When egg appears to be completely cooked through (it should appear opaque) fold the plain egg half to cover the crab.
Remove from pan, and serve!