Wine Cocktails

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By this point, we should already know that warm weather ushers in rose season–that pink elixir of the gods should grace our glasses daily. But there’s other fun ways to switch up your wine intake as well. Try these sweet little treats to spice up your roof party, pool party, or just a regular old party-of-one.

1. Wine Spritzer: Okay, so just saying “Wine Spritzer” might make you feel like a glam housewife summering in the Hamptons. But this tasty–albiet tacky–little teaser is good for the soul.

2. Sangria: A classic to drink by the pitcher while eating paella! Sangria is a great way to utilize all the tasty new berries that will actually be in season from now on! Plus, you get to eat boozy fruit at the end. What could be better?

3. The Red Splash: This wine cocktail gets a kick in the butt with some tequila…With that combination, truly nothing could go wrong.

4. The Stargazer: Doesn’t the name say enough? This one resembles a Pina Colada, except that it adds a little Chardonnay into the mix. Incidentally, I don’t like Pina Coladas or Chardonnay, but if either of those are your thing, give this one a go.

5. The Moscatini: Moscato anyone? This combines two classy alcoholic treats into one. It’s a great way to impress a guest. Or, to just get them really, really drunk.