‘Tis The Season To Eat Tacos

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Recently, I’ve gotten into some pretty heated discussions re: Tacos.

First of all, one of my very best friends doesn’t like tacos. It’s blasphemy, and it’s been a point of contention in our relationship.

Secondly, my boyfriend maintains that Tacos (or Mexican food in general) are “Summer day food” and not suitable for nighttime or winter. It’s weird.

Though, I must admit, he sort of has a point. Climate wise, Mexico tends to be pretty darn hot and sunny, so it makes sense to eat this type of food when your surroundings permit it.

So…that said, it seems that we’re entering Taco season.

Tacos, tacos, tacos. That means Chorizo! El Pastor! And my personal favorite, perfect little fried fish tacos. These portable, tasty little nibbles are about to become one of the main components of my diet. The best part? ALMOST ANYTHING WILL TACO. And, you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Get ready summer tacos. I will eat you.