Sunday Brunch: Perfect Fried Egg

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Despite there being many ways to cook an egg, there’s nothing quite like the old standard, classic fried egg.

Some say the perfect fried egg should be cooked low and slow, ensuring that the whites don’t get overcooked or rubbery, and the delicate yolk goes unmolested. Others argue that the egg should be splashed into bubbling hot oil; made crispy throughout, adding those blackened crunchy ribbons on the side.

Personally, I’ll take either, but there is one cardinal rule that the yolk mustn’t, under any circumstances, be hard or broken. Don’t You Dare Overcook My Yolk. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

Receiving a fried egg with a hard yolk is the emotional equivalent of bombing a test that you were certain you aced. It’s provokes shock, disbelief, panic, and ultimately great sadness and disappointment.

If you are a person who likes your yolks hard, I do not trust you. Same goes for well done steak. It’s a travesty, and I simply won’t stand for it.

Which camp are you in? Will you be on the right side of history? Runny yolks 4 life!