The Best Thing About Passover

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The best thing about Passover, like most holidays, is the food.

Every year this night, which is different from all other nights, rolls around. And each year I find myself looking forward to one thing only; the food! Seder food is all present for its ceremonial significance–each component of the meal is present because of its symbolic meaning. But just because the food itself is a metaphor doesn’t mean that it isn’t also damn delicious. Here are the top three dishes to look forward to on this food-centric holiday!

1. My very favorite thing is Matzoh Ball Soup. ‘The Jewish Penicillin’ is what my mom calls this cure-all; brothy, chicken soup which is sprinkled with the dense, fatty Matzoh Balls which dance through my dreams.

2. Another component of the seder that is delicious, as well as a an essential narrative element, is Charoset. This sweet and savory mixture represents the mortar that the Isrealites used to build structures when they were slaves in Ancient Egypt.

3. Finally, I’m a big supporter of good old Maror, or horseradish. This is the “bitter herb” and it adds a spicy bite to the meal. The bitter herb is meant to signify the continued suffering of the Jewish people. But, when it comes down to it, it also just tastes damn good.

Pesach Semeach y’all!