Elevate Your Garlic Bread

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Garlic Bread is simple, perfect, and damn tasty. But why not switch it up and take your garlicky bread to the next level? When you’re feeling lazy, yet also a little creative, try these tips for a twist on a classic.

1. Use Roasted, and Fresh Garlic!
I make it a habit to roast a head of garlic pretty much any time I use my oven. It’s easy, tasty, keeps well, and is the perfect accompaniment to any sandwich. For garlic bread try spreading roasted garlic on the bread, then adding minced or grated garlic as well. You’ll get a richer, more complete flavor profile of the garlic itself!

2. Add Flavor!
Sure, plain old garlic bread is perfectly fine, but why not add some herbs, sundried tomatoes, or better yet a hearty spoonful of pesto?

3. Infused Olive Oil:
Remember when I told you to infuse all of your olive oil? Well I hope you heeded my wise words, because this is the perfect scenario to whip some out. Spice up this crusty carbohydrate with red-pepper-flake olive oil, or add some depth with rosemary or sage oil. Yum!