Will It Pickle?

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Not too long ago, a staffer brought in a special treat to the BTRtoday office. It was a strange but undeniably addicting snack from good old Trader Joe’s–Pickle Popcorn.

At first, the thought of it seemed slightly repulsive. I imagined crunchy popcorn kernels turned into unrecognizable mush. But the result was something magical! All of the vinegary, sour goodness of pickles condensed into dry, crunchy, little niblets.

This isn’t the first time a strange pickle product has caught my eye. Many might have come across pickled potato chips in the deli, there are also a few recipes for Pickled French Fries floating around the internet which seem unlikely, yet somehow enticing.

All of this points to a couple of necessary questions which can be applied to all foodstuffs; Will it pickle? And better yet, should it?

Of course the pickled cucumber is a classic. My mom makes a mean pickled Dilly Bean, and I’ve had my fair share of pickled cauliflower, daikon radish, carrots, onions, garlic, etc. But what about Kale? Parsnips? Almonds? WILL IT PICKLE?

Unfortunately, folks, I don’t yet know the answer to this burning question. But I sure as hell plan to find out.