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I have a friend. This friend is intelligent, charming, beautiful, and a great eater. You might call her my best friend. We get along swimmingly–and our favorite activity to engage in? Going out to eat. We’re usually on exactly the same page when it comes to what type of food we want to eat and how much of it. Except when it comes to one cuisine: Mexican food.

This friend, this gift to the universe, this Earth angel, simply does not like tacos. It’s weird.

But that doesn’t stop me. I will not rest until she is as excited about guacamole as she is about dumplings. So, I took her to a joint in Bed Stuy that I’d heard rave reviews about: Calaca. This little haven boasts a small menu that packs a major punch. Maybe it would be the place to finally convince her that Mexican food truly holds its own.

We started with a tasting platter of Tostadas; one Tuna, one shrimp, and one fish. The crunchy toasted tortilla shell was difficult to split evenly.

Next came an order of Elotes. For those who don’t know, that’s that Mexican corn-on-the-cob that comes with lime, Mayonnaise, cojita cheese, and a lime wedge to squeeze on top. These ones also had a drizzle of hot sauce and were served on a dark, slate plate which emphasized their bright yellow hue. Yum.

Lastly, we split a couple of Quesadillas. These weren’t your run-of-the-mill tex-mix bull sh**. They were the real deal. Crispy, large, corn tortillas filled with authentic mexican cheese, and bursting with flavor. We got one with shrimp, and after scarfing it down we realized that we’d need more food, so we quickly ordered one with Fish as well.

Maybe I didn’t convert my kind, yet misguided, friend into a Mexican food fiend. But, we definitely finished every last bite and nearly licked our plates clean. That’s saying something.