Advice: Watch 'Cooking With Dog'

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Cooking With Dog is the best thing on the internet. Full stop.

It’s no secret that cooking shows are endlessly entertaining. They’re a great outlet for your unfocused energy, because you can learn something new about your favorite cuisines while zoning out and salivating over the food which lies just behind the screen.

The host is an older lady whose movements in the kitchen seem weathered, confident, and precise. Clearly these are recipes she’s been making forever, and she’s decided to share her secrets.

Oh, and I forgot the best part. THERE’S A DOG. THERE’S A DOG THERE THE WHOLE TIME. The dog is very chill, and doesn’t seem to require all that much attention. Why is the dog there? Because the dog is the host. The dog’s name is Francis and the dog narrates the show. The dog is extremely important.

The YouTube show demystifies recipes for classic Japanese fare that look incredibly complicated at first glance. But, step by step, with well-sharpened knives and clean cooking surfaces, the food is transformed from simple ingredients into impressive dishes before your very eyes.

There’s also something incredibly calming about the soft music and ongoing overdub of the distant voice of Francis, telling you everything you could possibly need to know.

I know it seems like a dog couldn’t possibly know more about cooking than you do, but trust me, they’re highly intelligent creatures and Francis knows exactly what’s up.