Full Up On Family

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It has been the month of the Chodorkoffs. For about the last three weeks, my parents, sister, and her brand new baby have left their respective homes in Vermont and Copenhagen, and instead been in and out of my apartment (mostly in).

The result? Tons of quality family moments–and lots and lots of food.

My family has an affliction; we constantly, without fail, worry that there will not be enough food. So, we overcompensate. We order enough to feed a small army, we prepare feasts fit for kings even when we’re only cooking for a modest few.

Over the weekend we invited a couple of friends over to the apartment for brunch. In total, we would be six people (plus a three-month-old, but he doesn’t quite count as a human yet). Naturally, my parents bought thirteen bagels, lox, cream-cheese, whitefish spread, a few different types of cheese, a fruit platter, a bottle of Champagne and a cake–A CAKE DAMMIT.

Needless to say, despite the semi-sad fact that my apartment has finally emptied out, my fridge is still stuffed full.