Juice, Wonderful Juice

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Okay, so I know that this is a little childish, but I am absolutely crazy about juice.

Nothing quite gets my juices flowing –Ha Ha–than the thought of a big ol’ heaping cup of fresh squeezed orange juice at the top of the morning. Is there anything more delicious than the sugary sweet drippings from your favorite juice of choice?

A few years back, the trend of juicing popped up. This, I won’t abide. I can not, will not, deprive myself of solid food thank you. However, one of the positives of this downright shameful dieting fad, is that delicious and thoughtful juice combinations became accessible all over the place. Unfortunately, the majority of them sport price tags far beyond the budget of your average, rational human being.

It’s a weird thing to fantasize about, sure, but when the afternoon lag kicks in I find myself dreaming about sitting on a beach, sipping pineapple juice out of a coconut…Alright, maybe I’m thinking about a splash of tequila in there as well. I’m no saint.