Building Your Perfect Cheese Board

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The perfect cheese plate is an elusive thing. Despite popular belief, it isn’t a hodge-podge combination of random curds; it’s a thoughtful selection of complementary components that together create a party in your mouth. A party where everybody gets along really well, and there are no fights, and a couple of people hook-up, and maybe there’s even a threesome–who knows. Here’s three steps to take your fromage display to the next level.

Various Textures and Tastes: The cheese plate is all about variety, that said, you want to make sure that there’s a natural progression from one cheese to the next. You don’t necessarily want to place an incredibly mild cheese next to a super-stinky Blue. Think of your selection as a linear, or circular, evolution. You’ll want to try to cover your bases, without any jumps that are too drastic. Move from minimal to pungent! Think about your consistencies as well–try to vary from semi-soft to hard!

Something Sweet: A lot of cheese pairs well with dried fruit, grapes, apples, or honey! These complementary accoutrement also make for some visually stunning additions to a palate which might otherwise be monochromatic.

A Little Bit Of Crunch: Whether they’re hard or gooey, cheeses don’t tend to have much in terms of crunch-factor. Make sure you’re providing some crisp crackers, or maybe hazelnuts or pistachios, for textural differentiation!