Best Granola And Yogurt Ever

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Yogurt with granola is a standard go-to breakfast, so sometimes it can get a little boring. But, if you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll gussy up that drab bowl and turn it into something you fantasize about as you fall asleep the night before. Here’s your definitive five step guide to the Best Yogurt And Granola Ever.

1. Add Chocolate: Let’s be honest, chocolate never made anything worse. Grab some cacao nibs or chocolate-covered-something and add a sprinkling to your breakfast. I promise it will put you in a good mood.

2. No Such Thing As Too Many Berries: Load ‘em up babies. These little bits of heaven are packed with antioxidants, and they taste like love incarnated, so pile them on!

3. Toast Your Nuts: Adding nuts for crunch and protein is a well-known component to this dish. But how about toasting your nuts up in a pan before hand? This will bring out the nutty flavor, and add a temperature contrast as well, as the warm nuts stand out from the other cold ingredients.

4. Maple Syrup Instead Of Honey: As a proud Vermonter, I put maple syrup on just about everything. Why? Because it makes everything taste better. Seriously, just trust me on this one.

5. Splurge On Yogurt: Sure, you could settle for Dannon, but why not go ahead and treat yourself to something just a little more decadent? Try Siggi’s, and Icelandic brand in the style of Skyr, which is basically the exact same thing as yogurt, but somehow more delicious. The price-tag doesn’t run too high, and it will elevate the taste by bounds.