Life Without Bread And Cheese Isn’t Worth Living

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Sometimes I sit and wonder about what it would be like to be suddenly struck with a life altering illness; like gluten or lactose intolerance.

How would I adjust to the drastic lifestyle change that such an affliction would require? Like Oprah before me, I eat bread every day, and nine times out of ten, that bread has cheese on it. So truly, the thought of sacrificing either sends shivers of anxiety and dread down my back.

I suppose I could supplement more legumes? Perhaps more corn-based tortillas? Mock cheese tofu spreads? However, none of these substitutions seem like they could quench my cravings for ooey-gooey melty cheese on toasted crunchy bread.

For those of you out there unable to indulge in an afternoon snack of cheese and crackers, or plate of pasta smothered in parmesan–my heart goes out to you. You, my friends, are the unsung heroes of this world. Each day you endure what I can only imagine to be a mountain of hurt, and yearning; of desires left unfulfilled.

You dairy-free, bread-hungry folks; you’re stronger than you know.